Natural reserve of the Queyras


After working in partnership with the Queyras Natural Regional Park for a few years, La Baïta du loup was awarded the label "Queyras Natural Regional Park Host" in summer 2014.

This label meets the nationally defined and locally implemented criteria promoting the values upheld by the park's charter.

Attachment to the land: contribute to land development and participate in building its identity.

Preserved and enhanced environment: contribute to area management challenges, preserve the environmental heritage and landscaping.

People at the heart of activities: participate in sustainable and cooperative development, support human scale production and share know-how.

The "Regional Natural Park Values" label lies at the interface of official quality marks. It is very comprehensive in its range of requirements, which are implemented at the national level, while remaining flexible in its definition and attribution to better respond to local particularities.

It recognises the firm commitment of the manufacturer or service provider, who becomes an ambassador alongside the Regional Natural Parks for:

Preserving and enhancing the environment: from the design of the product or service to its effective implementation, local players bearing the label ensure that the quality of landscapes, habitats and biodiversity is maintained and developed.

Development controlled by people for people: players bearing the label apply innovative methods to implement a sustainable development model. They also commit to making the economy more social and cooperative, with opportunities for individual and social development and to live in harmony with the land.

Promotion of the natural and cultural resources of each region: local players bearing the label commit to maintaining and developing activities in line with land identity. Park Ambassadors: we commit to helping you discover our Park.

We will invite you to sample local products, share our lifestyle and discover our know-how. You will learn why preserving this natural and cultural heritage is so important to us and why we love it sharing it with our visitors.

The logo below is a label awarded by the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development. It endorses the quality of the hosting, catering and cleaning products used, as well as the accommodation's role in respecting and enhancing the environment.